Best Employee Rewards: 9 Unique Gift Ideas for the


Rewards and recognition programmes form an important aspect of corporate culture. To a certain extent it defines how an organization values its employees. Not only does it motivates the employees to work even harder but also creates a sense of belonging to the organization. The most common gifts are gift cards and small cash incentives. But do you think a gift card or small cash incentive is fun? If not, then here we present to you 9 low budget unique ideas for such occasions:

Pamper Packs

Well its time to pamper your employees. Pampering them with gifts is an incredible method for showing them that you care for them. They have earned it by striving to keep up with their business. A personalized gift is a wonderful way to show them that you care. Regardless of the final products that you choose it is the gesture that matters.

Travel Kit

It is not difficult to spot a travel buff. Assuming that you find such employees what better to give them than a travel kit. Not only would they be thankful but actually use it. There could be multiple items that you can pick if you find travel kit to be expensive. It could be personalized luggage tag or personalized passport holder. Additionally, your organisation will get the additional advantage of brand awareness when your beneficiaries travel with these customized gifts.

Habit Tracker

It’s really extremely interesting to see the different thoughts individuals make in their daily habit trackers! This will assist them with observing every one of the thoughts they have. You really want to set up your habit tracker for success!

Restaurant Gift Card

Rather than taking your contacts out for a meal, you can encourage them to enjoy a night out with a friend or family member with a restaurant gift voucher. Pick a restaurant you’ve delighted in or where you realize your beneficiary likes to visit. They deserve the quality time with their loved ones. The perfect reward.


Electronics are an ever green option and there are so many options to suit every budget. Be it an ear-pod, electronic book, kitchen utilities, gaming device, etc. the range is huge. You may be surprised at the range of budget these items come for. While some may be utility items, the others may be just for fun. Assess how you want to reward your employees and pick the best suited item for them. Try to opt for branded products if you are looking for durability of goods.

Event tickets

Another well deserving reward could be event tickets – concerts, comedy show or even movies. These may require a bit of work but the employee will definitely remember you for long for putting thought. A well meaning thoughtful gift which spells just fun and encourages to have them good time after they’ve sweated out to deliver project on time, saved costs or have been so dependable.


Books are the best gifts! The only caveat is that the book you gift might have been already by them. It is best if you can begin by requesting that staff name a book they need or is in their wishlist and support those books as gifts.

Apart from the hard bound book as reward you can also give audio books or the digital version of the same. While the physical have their own charm, the digital audio format has its own utility. They may be more accessible to them when they want to read the books.

Holiday Package

These might be little heavy on the pocket but if these are not for well deserving, hard working employees then who else? They need not too extravagant, just enables them to spend some time away from work. So that when they come back from the holiday they are motivated to deliver better.

Wine Bottle Gift Set

Another fun gift could be a wine bottle gift set. You could tie up with gifting companies for such hampers or you could assemble a wine gift set to incorporate wine bottles as well as a couple of top-of-the-line wine glasses and a few snacks. They’ll be thrilled.

If you are an employers or an HR, tell us in the comment section below what you prefer to gift to your employees. If you are one of those ‘best employee’ do tell us what you’ve hated the most as the reward given to you. Well it wull give some idea to those in power of making these decisions on what not to give as reward the next time they plan rewards and recognition programme for their staff.

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