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Best Employee Rewards: 9 Unique Gift Ideas for the


Rewards and recognition programmes form an important aspect of corporate culture. To a certain extent it defines how an organization values its employees. Not only does it motivates the employees to work even harder but also creates a sense of belonging to the organization. The most common gifts are gift cards and small cash incentives. […]

Top 10 eco-friendly gift ideas for corporate gifting

Eco-friendly joining kit

Eco-friendly items are the answer to the growing concern around sustainability. Many companies now offer products with promote sustainability. They are are a first small step in the right direction. Replacing plastic straws with steel straws, using notebooks made of recycled paper, using multi-use containers are little things one can do from their side to […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Books Make Perfect Gift


It is rightly said that books last forever! I’ve been gifted book as part of intern onboarding kit. I’ve also been gifted a set of them as part of farewell gift where team leads of my department gifted me a book what they thought I should read. To be honest, I am not an avid […]

5 points you should know before you order t-shirts for corporate gifting

T-shirt for corporates

T-shirts are an all time favorite when it comes to corporate gifting. Be it for events, for new joiners for sales and marketing persons, they carry the brand image very elegantly and boldly. Like t-shirts in sports in used to identify a team and instills a sense of belonging in the player, in the same […]

Onboarding Kit: 10 Best Gifts to be included in the kit

Onboarding kit

Onboarding kits have been a new normal for welcoming employees into the organization. Employee engagement starts the second another worker walks in the entryway, so companies must establish a good impression on their first day! They’ll love the experience of opening this box and mindfully taking each one of these onboarding essentials out of their […]

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